While some uptight peeps always claim that phone photography killed “real photography“, we’re here to debunk this myth! We truly believe phones are expanding the definition of photography, and everyone can now get the chance to experiment with photography at ease.

Phone companies like Samsung are starting to create mobile phones that are both affordable and support great cameras where you can take a road trip with a couple of friends, and snap the best pictures.

From selfies to group photos, and even landscapes, all with a budget-friendly phone – like the Samsung A7 2018, and A9 – and this is exactly what they did with some familiar faces.

Samsung gathered some of our favorite young celebrities and influencers for a three-day trip to Marsa Alam, where they got to share with their followers the beauty of the city.

Marsa Alam is one of those forgotten destinations, due to the fact that it’s at the edge of Egypt, and while it will, in fact, take you a bit of time to reach, it truly is worth the distance.

What was great about this trip is the fact that people on board were diverse, and from all walks of life, yet they shared a common love for adventure.

The trip included Media Person and Radio Host Sherif Nour Eldin, Content Creators Nour Kabakebe and Razem Youssef, Life Coach Ismail Kassem, Models and actresses like Malak Badawi, Miral Micheal and Georgina Tawaf, Foodies The Terzibashians, aka The Cairo Foodie couple, Entrepreneurs Norshek Fawzy and Nabil Rostom as well as Travel Photographer Coucla Refaat who was in her wheelhouse with the trip.

The three day trip gave the guys a chance to enjoy all of Marsa Alam’s attractions including Wadi el Gemal, Qulaan in a desert excursion as well as a boat trip to Dolphin House, and a Bedouin style dinner with a campfire. All, of course, which was shared with the world using Samsung A7 and A9 and their triple and Quad camera and their exceptional wide-angle option.

Don’t believe us? See what these guys captured on their trip with their Samsung  A7 and A9 Phones!

The sunset is like no other in the land of Marsa Alam. Just ask Ramez Youssef!

Take a memorable family photo in the mountains.

Even if you’re a fashion model like Miral Micheal, you can still enjoy an exceptional Bedouin safari.

You can take a badass picture using a wide-angle lens, like Nour Kabakebe, and give Leonardo DiCaprio a run for his money with his yacht photos!

Maybe a no filter breathtaking selfie like Mariam El Khosht?

What about a mirror yacht photo like no other?

Why not use a camel as your prop in a desert-inspired photoshoot?

Has your loved one kissed you in the sunset, documented it and made all your followers jealous, like the Cairo Foodie couple? Seriously, how cute are they?

Or just take the Titanic pose solo and dance your butt off like Sheirf Nour Eldin!

This trip just made us want to pack our bags and head right to Marsa Alam with our Samsung phones just to chill and enjoy the beauty of Egypt, all while revamping our Instagram feed!

Will you be heading somewhere soon with your Samsung A7 or A9 phones? Don’t forget to share your pictures with us!