“Thanaweya 3ama” is the title of one of the many TV series we are following this Ramadan; it falls under the black comedy genre! Out of all of mahazel Thanweya 3ama we have seen and personally been through (and boy oh boy they are a lot!), this year tops them all!

Some say it’s a jinxed year, but I disagree with them. It’s just another proof of how catastrophic and corrupted things are in our country! Only yesterday, while the students were getting ready to go through another nightmare that will determine their fate, aka thanweya 3ama exam, the exam got leaked for the umpteenth time this year! And guess what the Ministry of Education had to do about it, claiming it’s only a precautionary measure that speaks of their transparency? They cancelled and postponed the exam along with all upcoming exams!


After going through the agony of studying that most of us has had a taste of, how do you think the students felt when you postponed the exam?! And now that you have postponed it, what is the guarantee that it won’t get leaked again?

Instead of punishing the student (yes, that’s a punishment if you haven’t already noticed), find the error of your ways. Are you that blind to miss that the fault lies within the walls of your own miserable establishment? Can’t the Ministry safe guard some exam papers?


Students who were fed up with the infuriating incidents gathered in front of the Ministry of Education yesterday and will do the same today to protest the latest decisions.


We can hardly wait to watch the next episode in this series and see if the poor students will come out alive or graduate next year ba2a.