I like going to the beach as much as the next person. The sun, the water, the whole atmosphere of the beach is something that I can never get enough of. But you know what I can really do without on the beach? SAND! I cannot handle it, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll definitely share the sentiment. 

1- It gets everywhere! 

It’s inescapable. It gets in your shoes, your swimsuit, your hair! It just finds a way to invade every single part of your body. sand

2- I mean everywhere

Even after leaving the beach and washing all the sand off, you’ll still find the sand inside your swimsuit or in your home for some strange inexplicable reason.7d813130467d1dfea295cd0fc93c2d02

3- It’s hot when it’s dry

Walking on dry sand in the searing summer heat is an invitation for burns to the soles of your feet! If you know what’s good for you, you’ll sprint full speed to the sea to cool your poor footsies off. MLFXQ9P

4- It’s sticky when it’s wet

But once you decide to leave the water, it’s almost as if this sand is stuck to you forever.Sticky-Sand-on-the-feet

5- It can hide a lot of weird stuff

If you’re not careful, you could be treading on a lot of trash. You are never safe from scattered glass bottles or other litter items.20150830_121701(0)

6- It gets in your eyes

That stuff burns man! It’s not easy to get rid of! Keep some eye drops on hand if you know what’s good for you. Sand eyes

7- It sand colors your clothes 

If only it could be dusted off! But No! Your clothes are permanently sand colored now, and there’s nothing you can do but toss it in the washing machine and hope for the best.tumblr_inline_mqu1ga3Lk41qz4rgp


As much as I hate it though, it’s fun to play with! tumblr_nwtx3yX5RX1u38l26o1_500


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