Only a few meters away from the busy Um Kolthoum Tower and the overwhelmingly busy Coffee Bean and Pottery Café, lie Sasho, a lovely Bistro, a small and serene eatery for those who wish to unwind with a lovely meal and a cup of coffee.

The interiors are lovely; medium sided murals decorate the ceiling. A brick wall adds an industrial feel to the place which goes will with the retro wooden tables and chairs. The big French windows let in sunshine all around the place.

Sasho is known for its comprehensive oriental breakfast of foul, Taameya and white cheese and the works. Their salmon and eggs platter also makes a tasteful breakfast.

Around 1PM, the bistro serves lunch; salads, pastas, meat or chicken…you name it, it is there. Their polonaise was the best I have had in a while; they add a little pesto to the tomato sauce adding an unusual pleasurable zing to the meaty platter. 

The coffee at Sasho is good; an outdoor setting is there for those who like a smoke with their hot drink. The place makes a perfect spot for executives looking for a calm place to lunch and head back to work; they also have Wi-Fi.