SAT Exams

At the beginning of March, the College Board officially announced the cancellation of the SAT exam in Egypt, Morocco and Saudi Arabia.

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is a required test for university and scholarship admissions. And it is VERY timely; because it only takes place three times a year.

This year’s first round was supposed to be held on March 9th. However, it was called off on very short notice and registered students ended up not taking the test. Which will definitely – if it didn’t already – affect admissions’ deadlines.

Students who were retaking the SAT to improve their scores for a certain scholarship/internship, especially abroad, will have definitely already missed the chance.

The soonest this test could be taken again is in May. Which, again, will definitely be past many crucial deadlines.

There are major speculations surrounding the mysterious reasons for the sudden cancellation. The reason most commonly used is “test security matters“. Meaning that, according to reports, the tests are actually sold outside of the United States; in the mentioned countries, including Egypt.

So far no one has any idea whether or not the test is rescheduled or canceled for good. Also, we still don’t know the destiny of the remaining SATs for this year, nor how the registered students dealt with the matter.

What do you guys think of this? Is this another Thanaweya Amma leak case? What’s the destiny of the students who should’ve taken the test for crucial deadlines?