Egyptian pilot

By Amna Magdy

Saudi pilot, Omar El Mateery’s dead body was found after disappearing for 6 months at sea by the Spanish border guards; 30 miles off the coast of Cartagena in the south-eastern province of Murcia, Spain.

According to Saudi newspaper “Sabq”, the 34 year old pilot and engineer who works for Aramco, apparently disappeared under mysterious circumstances 6 months ago on board of a touristic cruise on his way back from Spain.

During these past 6 months, Mateery’s family has been through extremely difficult times. On the other hand the embassy commissioned a lawyer to file a lawsuit in the Spanish courts in hopes of unveiling all the details about the case.

The Saudi newspaper further announced that the Spanish court’s order declared keeping the body for postmortem for further investigation. After such procedure the body would be then deported to Saudi Arabia for prayer and burial.