Weekly discounts

Food is one of God’s greatest blessings on mother earth. And because we, Egyptians, have a really huge appetite, we spend most of our money on food. That is why we decided to help you save a bit, by giving you a list of your favorite restaurants that offer weekly discounts.

#1: Mori Sushi

If you are a sushi lover, then you’d love to hear this out. The amazing Mori Sushi offers discounts of 50% on Mondays and Tuesdays of every single week. In addition to this, they have discounts during their yearly anniversary as well.

#2: Buffalo Wings and Rings

On Tuesdays, you get the chance to experience cheap wings with the greatest ambiance of all times. You’d have music played loudly and people jamming with it while enjoying their endless supply of wings.

#3: One Oak

Apart from having their sushi madness and celebrating their 3 years of operations, this baby offers discounts on Mondays and Wednesdays. Don’t forget to book before going because no way you’ll find spots!

#4: Butcher’s Burger

Obviously, Mondays are the ‘let’s get fat days’ because Butcher’s Burger as well offers discounts on Mondays. You get the chance to get double the amount of wings for the same price of one, how amazing is this? They’re helping you get more addicted for sure!

#5: Crevette

I think the picture explains it all. You get to eat lots of discounted sushi almost every day of the week, depending on your location. Just promise to not get obsessive!

#6: Gringos Burritos

With all you can eat tacos every Tuesday, you’d become Mexican without even visiting Mexico amigo. And guess what? All of this is for 95 LE.

#7: Buckets

Because we can never forget about Egyptians living in Alexandria, we got your back. You get to eat all you can eat wings, wings and wings for 120 LE every Tuesday!

Do you have anything else to add to our list?