Scarabaeus Sacer, an ethical brand, was born out of a desire to give consumers an ethical choice – away from wasteful fast fashion which has become our norm. Consumers are searching for ways to find something to hold on to, something to believe in, and a way to give back to the world.

T-shirts have traditionally been the most used piece of clothing to showcase what we believe in or who we are, which is why Scarabaeus has started their brand with graphic T’s. Each design has a story and each t-shirt stands for something. In wearing the brand the consumer has the choice to stand for something and be brave enough to start a conversation around vital social issues. The current design team consists of Egyptian artists who live in Egypt & abroad, some are struggling with mental health issues and use their designs as a way to inspire others to look inward and speak up.

The launch collection, titled Mind, Body & Soul, is all about mental health and well-being. Choosing to start with such a sensitive topic stems from the co-founders’ backgrounds, experience and passion.

“Everything in our lives starts with our mental health, it is a topic that must be brought into the limelight and normalized in our society in order to move forward. Fashion is just a means to do so and our t-shirts are the canvas” says Co-Founder & COO May Kassem.

With her background as a Psychologist who worked in Western & non-Western societies in both clinical and non-clinical settings this collection is very close to her heart. Ali El Nawawi, Co-Founder & CEO of Scarabaeus is trained as a Medical Doctor, who later decided to join the United Nations where he worked for a variety of agencies until he knew that the only way to make a real difference in this world is to cut through the “red tape” and do it yourself. Together they came up with the idea of Scarabaeus Sacer to use fashion as a way to tackle important social issues and initiate a paradigm shift towards how we view clothes.

Beyond being a catalyst for change, Scarabaeus Sacer is also a brand that gives back by pledging a percentage of its sales to charitable organizations with a mutual ethos. For its first collection these donations will go to Very Nile, the first initiative to develop large-scale means to clean the Nile. They are constantly fighting against plastic pollution and raising awareness about environmental issues. As part of its dedication towards a better environment, Scarabaeus Sacer is giving back a percentage of its profits to support this amazing Egyptian initiative. ​“Shaping the minds of youth especially and having practical ways to contribute to making the environment better is essential to making our future more sustainable and more livable” says Co-Founder Ali El Nawawi.

So if you’re looking to wear something fashionable, hip, and still feel good about yourself check out this brand now and stay tuned for their exciting new collection coming out soon!