Scarabaeus Sacer

At times like these, having a fashion brand that speaks up against discrimination and things that matter by starting up a conversation not many people have the guts to talk about- let alone fashion brands, is very important. And when this fashion brand is 100% Egyptian, well that’s a whole other story.

Scarabaeus Sacer was established in 2018 – specializing in sustainable, ethical, and premium quality streetwear for both women and men. Crafted from 100% organic Egyptian cotton, the material is exceptionally soft featuring a relaxed fit, some vibrant colors, graphics and creative designs.

The team, artists and designers behind these eco-luxe quality products have made sure that each t-shirt is telling a story that advocates for social movements and environmental issues – all so unapologetically and while assuring the highest fabric quality.

Considering the current circumstances and due to the pandemic, the brand decided to dedicate its entire supply chain to making masks out of their 100% organic Egyptian cotton fabric to provide sustainable, high quality and affordable protection to the public.

Not to mention that they are strong enthusiasts for reducing waste and saving the environment, which is why they offered an eco-friendly solution.

Most importantly, they also believe in keeping the scarce medical-grade masks for front-liners & healthcare workers who so desperately need them.

And speaking of social movements and things that are worth shedding a strong light on, co-founders ex-United Nations expert Ali El Nawawi, and psychologist May Kassem have decided that now is the perfect time to launch their very first awareness campaign under the name of “Difficult Dialogues“.

With everything happening in the world around us, from Black Lives Matter and standing up to discrimination in all its forms to the taboos of talking about mental illness, rising suicide rates, domestic violence, disability, gender equality and more; the new campaign aims to break down societal barriers by talking about such topics that are perceived as ‘taboos‘ and helping voices to be heard.

It’s worth mentioning that Scarabaeus’ first collection Mind, Body & Soul was all about raising awareness for mental health and well-being. While the second collection that is set to drop this summer, Clandestino, is advocating for social justice, inclusion and discrimination.

As part of their efforts to reduce the stigma, draw attention to such important issues and normalize talking about ‘taboo’ topics, Scarabaeus will go live every Saturday on their Instagram page in July to engage in difficult dialogues and they want YOU to get involved and make your voice heard in order to be part of the movement!

We’re so proud of Scarabaeus for being such a fearless, authentic, and brave fashion brand. We can’t wait for all the rest to start doing the same, because at times like these, daring to speak up should never be rare.