A football fanatic? Get ready! You’re about to get wowed or lose your mind for a while. Possessing a true dominating passion for football, we stumbled upon the creative minds behind the striking app that would change the football tournaments perception in Egypt. Mohamed Tharwat and Ali Abu El Nasr kick in with everything new and put pep into the general Egyptian football arena. Launched last January, Find Me Football is an available app with both, English and Franco versions for creating and scheduling football tournaments for those who thrive a good game experience and need people to play with. They exclusively let us sneak a peek about this new dazzling budding app!


Let’s get into how the whole thing started, or where did the nascent idea come from?

Tharwat: During the years I lived abroad while studying electronics engineering at the University of New York, I used to be madly driven by my football passion! Scheduling games and joining local tournaments with people I don’t know was a true sentiment that I found myself indulged in. Ironically, I used to share the very same predilection since school days, and that’s how the idea found its own way!

Tell us more about the comprehensive basic idea of the app.

Aly: As simple as it sounds, the app generally facilitates playing football. Let it be between friends or even strangers. It allows anyone to create a tournament or join an already scheduled game. So as to avoid the hassle of picking the place, time and players!

So now we know how the idea found its budding way to your minds, to what extent do you find it easy for people to manage their way through the app?

Aly: Pretty much user-friendly, well designed and extremely easy! Creating a match is a two-step process, the user opens the app, presses create a match and fills in the information about the game. It’s even easier when the user wants to join an already existing game! The user presses a tap with all the relevant tournaments around, picks a suitable one and voila!

Truly easy! But what do you think might be the greatest obstacle to face the app’s progress? 

Tharwat: I believe the concept of playing with strangers is not of a great prevalence especially in Egypt. People don’t want to risk and play with ultimate strangers because of fears they might be inexperienced or not trustworthy. Like people always feel more comfortable when playing with their company, and that’s our factual challenge!

And how would you manage to come over this, like an alternative?

Aly: Easy! There will be skill-based and character-based ratings for players, just like all the sharing economy apps. For a start, we started joining some of the games to break the ice between players.

Tharwat: Which I find extremely appealing *laughs*

Mentioning “ice breaking”, do you find it easy for people to team up during the game even when none of them knows the other?

Tharwat: Definitely! The good thing is, all these people are gathered for only one goal, to have a good game! This actually drives them to team up and as soon as the game starts, they all merge together and feel the game spirit!

Aly: We once joined a tournament without revealing our true identity as the app founders, and it was epic! The game went really well and we all got to know each other right after we finished.

For a fact, some people would be really interested in joining. But still they don’t have the guts despite excessive advertising. How do you think you’re going to deal with this?

Tharwat: We couldn’t skip that! There’s a feature in the app that allows users to invite guests without revealing the fact that the whole game is scheduled on an app! The real achievement is when they really enjoy the game. And then they get exposed to the app.

We thank Ali & Tharwat for such an inspiring interview and we wish them all the best.