By: Neamat El Toby

Blaming luck and fate could substantially suck up an immense amount of effort, more so of what is used to physically understand, accept and change that luck we dread so much. In many cases, after encountering a minor inconvenience, many of us begin to form a negative idea about our luck and fates. Many believe that the core of their problems and drawbacks are results of bad luck and misfortune, however, some fail to overturn their beliefs in order to overturn their circumstances. But, what if we could not only change the luck we blame, but build it all together?

Alter Your Perception

When we encounter inconveniences, we immediately divert to the theory that we are unlucky, fate isn’t in our favour, and the universe hates us. It takes time and effort to believe otherwise, and to do so, we must shift our belief system. We must believe that everything happens for a reason, and that things will work out for the best – even if it does not seem so now. It takes time and effort to accept failure, yet more time and effort to alter the way you feel about that failure. Accepting that this inconvenience has probably happened for you to get a better one, a better circumstance, or just to get you through a rite of passage to prepare you for something bigger and better will surely help you build your own luck platform.

Set Your Goal and Visualize Success

No matter how many times you are brought down, always envision your success. Imagining yourself standing tall, achieving everything you’ve been wanting to achieve, your stepping stones will begin to form. Not only do you unintentionally build yourself a steady goal, but you are also motivated to reach that goal faster, and more efficiently. Your stepping stones are your path, the path that you set for yourself that pushed you harder and faster towards your goal.

Accept the Setbacks

Considering the fact that we are human, it is very common to fail or encounter a discouragement. Feeling down is something we’re used to, however, accepting the failure is truly the challenge. Contradictory to what we’re used to doing, moaning and complaining over the issue we’re encountering, accepting it and working on it is the best option. Understanding the setback, accepting it, and exerting effort to change it could honestly be a setback itself, yet, as we mentioned before, it’s easier, and healthier to believe that everything happens for a reason.

Focus on the Moment

Centering your life on the moment and what is going on in the present is a must if you want to change your perception and make your own luck. Abandon the past; nothing is going to change it. Dwelling on what you’ve been through before will not change that it happened, it will only depress you.

Although focusing on the future and your goal is also a majorly helpful task, but looking too far into the future creates worry and unwanted nervousness rather than anticipation. With focusing on what you’re doing now and what you’re doing to achieve your future goal, you will build your stones, see your success, and pass on the setbacks that will lead you to keep working harder.

Be the Rising Tide

Heard the saying “A rising tide floats all boats”? To be a rising tide is to spread good fortune, meaning, do good things, and good things will happen to you. It is known as karma in cultures, or as “what goes around comes around” in others. Be the rising tide, do good things; spread good fortune among people and you will receive the equivalent. Putting aside the fact that doing good things is spiritually beneficial, and obviously benefits others, but believe that when you become virtuous, pleasant and plainly smile at those around you, your world will smile back.

Do what you Love

Although easier said than done, doing what you love attracts good fortune. In many cases, we must agree that you are not always given the chance to do exactly what you love, yet, as mentioned before, accepting your circumstances will facilitate the process. When you accept what you thought you wouldn’t accept, you will get used to the circumstance, and eventually enjoy it.

On the other hand, doing what you love could have a different context. Enjoy yourself, avoid letting your issues or what bothers you get in the way of doing what you love, take a risk, and take advantage of your time, your effort, and all means that contribute to having a good day, and eventually a good life. Eat the foods that make you happy, go to the places that you enjoy, spend more time with people that make you laugh.

Purge the Negativity

Again, it’s 100% easier said than it is done. Cutting people out of your life isn’t easy, but once you figure out that their presence causes more pain than it does happiness, cut them off. Channel your negative thoughts and feelings into something healthy. Whether it’s exercise, work, or even just a little shopping; find something better to do than mope. Stay away from anyone that gives you negative vibes, or anywhere that makes you uncomfortable. One fairly easy way to do so is to meditate. Meditating, clearing your mind, and spending time in absolute serenity, drives your thoughts away from negativity. It calms down your nerves, reduces stress, and blanks your mind from all of what keeps it running.

Blaming fate and luck is common, yet thinking about changing it, or even making it is not. Making your luck and building your life is a lot easier than dreading and sulking over the misfortune you face. In a few simple steps; understanding, accepting, and fixing, we can guarantee a healthier mentality, and brighter look on life, AND personal luck.