For years and years we’ve been watching “Se3eedy fel Gam3a el Amrikeya” and we just can’t get enough of it. Actually, it’s our go to movie whenever we want to have a good laugh. Now that someone challenged Henedy with a tweet, and she won the challenge, we might be getting Part 2 of one of our favorite movies of all time. Henedy even announced it on his Twitter account.

Even though we are still not sure which celebrities are coming back, but a lot of public figures started to ask for parts in the movie.

There are some people you can just say no to, but with others you just can’t risk it.

In his reply to Tahrir News on Twitter, Medhat El Adl said that he will start writing the second part when he finds something that would add to the movie and that is in agreement with Henedy, who he’s pleased to work with.

Henedy also said on his Twitter account that they have their fears of making Part 2. However, the public’s opinion will be taken into consideration.

On another note, Tarek Lotfy is probably the only actor from Part 1 thus far to announce that he too will be willing to participate in Part 2 of the movie. We are still waiting to hear from the rest of the cast.

Now we are crossing our fingers they would find a great way to somehow make Part 2 so that we can do as Part 1 says “Orgos ya Khalaf orgos.”