After three months of auditions, four chair challenges and live shows, the X Factor Arabia’s journey has officially come to an end. The X Factor’s Season 4 winner, Hamza Hawsawi, never ceased to amaze everyone on stage. Judges Donia Samir Ghanem, Elissa and Ragheb Alama fell in love with his performances, his personality and everything about him week after week. During his time on the X Factor, the Middle East witnessed his rise as an artist and we couldn’t be happier for his well deserved win.

The Saudi Arabian singer is definitely not the only talent of this season. One Direction’s doppelgänger “The Five”  managed to prove themselves as artists with potential; the heartthrobs already have a growing fan base and are definitely on the right track. The future is equally bright for Hind Ziadi, who gave her everything as she sang beautifully on stage.

Even though they didn’t make it to the finale, Latoya’s and Nadjim’s performances left us stunned and speechless every week. They performed famous English songs and excelled at making them their own.

Apart from the embarrassing Egyptian contestants who auditioned on the X Factor, Mounib Band and Malak Elhusseiny were good ambassadors of young skilled Egyptian artists.

It’s only been one day and I’m already looking forward to the Saturdays spent at home watching the next season.