Sex Education

We all know why we’re here, right? We’ve all binge-watched (or are trying to binge-watch) the new season of Sex Education like it’s getting sold out in the market. And we’ll be honest with you, that was us, too. With a prompt that added comedy to the mix as well as the frankness of literal sex education, it’s hard not to. And it’s also hard to not discuss the show as well!

So, without further ado, here are our thoughts on Sex Education Season 2.

Warning: may contain spoilers.


If you’ve followed last season of Sex Education, you’ll know that ended with a monster of a finale, in which a lot of questions had been left open-ended to be solved in this season. And some of them have.

In this season, we noticed that twists and turns become even more dramatic and personal than the first season, while still maintaining the fresh comedy that made the show lovable in the first place.

At the start of the show, we delve into a graphic montage of a lot of sex issues as well as Otis’s relationship with his mom’s maybe-boyfriend’s daughter, Ola.

Other than that, we get introduced into our favorite characters’ new arcs, with Eric’s love interest and freer approach to life, Meave’s academic and home life issues, and Jackson’s deteriorating life with swimming and his parents.

Don’t worry, though, the show deals with all of these issues brilliantly. This is not even mentioning the well-thought-out discussions about harassment, mental health, pressure, and second chances.


All of the characters, not just the major ones, are more emotionally vulnerable and we see and feel their troubles, traumas, and their consequences to the point where we don’t even remember loving the hated characters in the midst of the way.

Otis gets his comeuppance and has to confront his denial and passivity in all of his relationships, not just romantic ones. Eric doesn’t struggle as horrifically as in the first season but he makes difficult confrontations and choices.

Also making difficult choices is Meave in academics and family, throwing her into emotional turmoil that we see on an even deeper level. This kind of turmoil, of course, was Jackson’s whole arc, in which he deals with pressure, self-harm, family expectations, and a deteriorating home life.

We’d also like to mention that if Jackson was on one side of the coin, then Adam is on the other. In this season, Adam, quite frankly, goes through a lot when it comes self-acceptance, his parents, and realizing that he’s only now just making friends.

And now, for the final verdict

This season, with its plot and character arcs and developments, goes way more in depth than the first, while maintaining its comedic integrity and plain educational value.

All in all, we can say we enjoyed it and although the ending was an open-ended one that mirrored the first season’s ending, it’s safe to say we imagine the next season to pick up the momentum even more.

We can’t say we won’t be waiting for season 3.