Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh’s hotels and resorts are preparing for New Year’s celebrations and festivities as the governorate boasts high tourism rates.

Sharm El Sheikh is one of Egypt’s most attractive tourist destinations. Especially during this time of the year; since Egypt’s warm winter weather makes it a favorite holiday destination for tourists from around the world.

On Wednesday, December 26th, tourism specialist Ashraf Shiha has confirmed that tourists from Arab countries particularly like to visit the city during this time of the year to enjoy the lovely weather as well as the celebratory atmosphere. Stressing that Sharm El Sheikh’s hotels and resorts’ reservations rates on have reached 80%.

Sharm El Sheikh

Christmas and New Year’s reservations in Sharm El Sheikh have also surpassed last year’s.

How awesome is this? We too want to join the tourists and enjoy the beautiful city’s magic! 

Sources: Youm7