Sherif Hafez is a multitalented artist. , aAfter studying Environmental Science and while still doing his PHD, he became an actor and a published author. He first caught the audience’s heart last year through his performance in Layaly Eugénie, and since then we are all eagerly following his career and what he will do next. To figure out all that and more, we had ourselves a chit chat with the rising star…

You’re an actor, a scriptwriter and a novelist, how did this amazing career of yours kick off?

While I was on the look out for a director for a movie I wrote called Ehda’a Eblis, that I later on turned into a novel, I got a role in the Ramadan TV series, La Totfe’ El Shams. It was a small role but also my very first time on the Egyptian TV, and things got going from there…

Are you planning on shuffling yourselfjuggling between these three directions, or do you plan onjust focusing on one of them?

All I know is that I will always keep on writing stories., it is mMy absolute favorite thing to do since I was a kid was, drawing my own stories. But on the other hand, unleashing my inner self through acting spicy and delicious roles gives me so much pleasure and it is something I will forever love to do.

Layaly Eugénie was a your perfect introduction of you to the Egyptian audience, how did you get the role? Were you expecting that remarkable reaction from the audience?

I was summoned for an audition by Sila Kaldas, the casting director of the series, and I auditioned for the role of the brother of Amina Khalil’s character. The response took a long time, but then the magic happened when the director of the series, Hany Khalifa chose me to play an even harder role, the role of Nagy aka Nino, the son of Injy El Mokkadem’s character. I loved it and I expected that a man, who came back to his mother with one arm after two years of absence from in the wWorld wWar, with one arm to his mother is a phenomenal start for me and for my acting career, so yes, I expected a good reaction from the audience but maybe not as big as that.

Tell us more about your novel, Ehda’a Eblis?

Ehda’a Eblis’s story revolves around a book that falls between the hands of a police officer after he arrested a serial killer. He discovers that the book was written during an old era by an unidentified man upon the at an old era due to a king’s demandrequest, and it could reveal and spot criminals through physiognomy; which means it could identify them through their facial characteristics. It is up to the officer what to do next with the book. … The idea behind the book came up from personal experience and I do believe that facial features tell a lot about who we are.

What is your next project?

I’m shooting Jesus & The Others, a European movie by the award winninger director, Hisham Abd-El-Khalek., iIt will be released by the end of this year. I am also getting ready to publish my second novel Asyad Al-Rahan.

We wish Sherif all the best in his future projects!