Sherif Mounir

A few months ago, we went into staunch un-regrettable support for renowned actor Sherif Mounir when he defended his daughters from many online crowds attacking them for senseless reasons.

And, no, we don’t regret it. Sherif Mounir had a very valid point then and acutely defended it. Unlike now, however.

See, right now, the famous actor is currently attacking his fans for commenting on his Instagram page. Yes, really.

Don’t worry, we’ll fill you in

It started (like many of the internet conflicts start) with a photo. Mounir posted a photo with fellow actors Ahmed El-Sakka and Ahmed Rizk with a controversial caption that was kinda calling out the people for digging into celebrity life choices.

Now, naturally, the people commented. Some comments were, of course, supportive, but Sherif Mounir didn’t care for those. He paid close attention to the overwhelmingly negative comments trying to poke hole in his point of view.

And this is where things get tricky. See, instead of discussing the topic in a levelheaded manner, Mounir went on the attack.

He responded to these comments in ways that ranged from rude to downright disrespectful, so engrossed he even aggressively responded to someone referencing a line from one of his plays.

Okay, so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to get this but Sherif Mounir was in the wrong for taking this approach. He was not, however, wrong from the beginning.

Here’s the thing — all celebrities get horrible comments all the time on their social media posts because they’re public figures. And this is in NO WAY excusable but since this is a thing, we’ve all learned that celebs found ways around this.

People deal with online hate or comments that aren’t hateful but aren’t appreciated by releasing mild-toned statements or they blocked the comments. And most times, everyone simply ignores these kinds of comments.

When confronted with the fact that he could have taken a better approach, Sherif Mounir didn’t apologize and said he used these interactions to filter out his page, which still didn’t call for anything like this.

He could have simply weeded his page out of hateful trolls in another way that didn’t call for rudeness.

And we’re not saying Sherif Mounir should have ignored comments that irked him that bad but even if he was annoyed, he shouldn’t have gone out of his way to be rude to people, going as far as insulting people on his side!

While this isn’t his first online fight, Mounir was justified the first time around. He was righteously defending his daughters from people harassing them and even introduced the concept of reporting online crimes to the internet police.

This time around, he crossed the line in the way he handled things by being insulting in a way that was uncalled for, alienating supporters and fans alike.

There are ways of going about things and this way of his was the worst possible option. Even if Mounir had a point in his replies, it was lost in the way he handled things.

For future reference: don’t blindingly go on the offensive.