Sherifa’s successful career with Four Seasons spans 17 years joining the leading luxury chain in 1998 as one of the very first employees hired at Four Seasons Cairo at the First Residence. Sherifa is a Four Seasons veteran who has joined the preopening team at Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at The First Residence and has worked steadily her way up to head the sales team as Director of Sales in 2003, followed by Director of Sales and Marketing in 2006.

2011 marked the beginning of a new journey, where Sherifa took on the responsibility of leading the sales and marketing organizations of Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza together with Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano. Sherifa together and her team earned many accolades over the years including; Marketing Hotels of the year, Catering Hotel of the year, Restaurant Marketing Hotel of the year and Two-time winner of the prestigious Presidents Club Award.

Sherifa always played an integral role in the successful positioning of our hotels as the undisputed hospitality leaders in their respective markets. She is a strategic thinker with sharp business acumen, and portrays a strong leadership style. Moreover, throughout the years, She has worked diligently on herself and on the development of her teams to successfully elevate her sales and marketing organization’s performance, overcoming many difficult challenges that came their way. She has gathered over the years a deep understanding of the business with all its intricacies, she believes strongly in her team and most importantly she is a proud Four Seasons culture carrier. Her contributions to Four Seasons Hotels in Egypt are many.

Her goal in 2016 is to solidify the positioning of Four Seasons Hotels Egypt as the premiere hotels in the region focusing on sophistication, exclusivity and unparalleled quality of product and service that sets Four Seasons Hotels Egypt apart from the competition.

“Sherifa has done an exceptional job with Four Seasons since arriving in 1998, preparing her for the new job for Four Seasons Egypt, where her passion and expertise will be instrumental for the future of our Hotels in Egypt. We are confident that Sheirfa’s hard work and enthusiasm will take the Hotels to new levels of success,” said Olivier Masson, regional vice president of Four Seasons Hotels Egypt.