Should We Even Be Trying to Do Anything At All In Quarantine?

It’s Day 137 in your self-quarantine and you’re bored out of your mind. You have nothing to do but strangely you don’t want to do anything. And then, while you’re on your regular social media runs, you see something like this.

Seeing things like this makes you feel odd. Strange even. It makes you feel incredibly bad about, essentially, nothing. It might also make you question these assumptions being dished out like facts.

It might make you ask something like this — should we even be doing anything in this quarantine? No, seriously?

Pretty much, ever since quarantining for Coronavirus started, we’ve heard it all. We’ve heard about the people advocating for online classes, yet another trial at Duolingo, painting, journaling, or working out, among other things.

The gist is all the same. You should be doing something with all of this free time and if you’re not using this time to do something, then you’re one lazy airbag. Right?

Well, no. Definitely not. The only thing you are is a person who should, theoretically, get to live without being guilt-tripped all the time.

The truth is, yes, it’s good to want to do things and be productive and tick some things off your bucket list and all. At the same time, though, not wanting to do anything and sticking to that isn’t all that bad either.

It doesn’t say anything about a person’s character if they’re doing nil but it says a lot about someone who keeps guilt-tripping others into changing their sedentary state.

See, this guilt-tripping never helps. And since we, as a collective world population, are dealing with an ongoing pandemic, your ‘get-up-and-sign-up-for-a-course’ lecture is severely out of touch.

We’re not just suffering a pandemic either, we’re also suffering through withdrawals from being cooped up for too long and those of us who are severely burned out or have mental health issues are already having a bad enough of a time as is.

We’re not turning the table on you here. If you want to do more, you’re completely within your right to do so. Just like everyone else is within their right to do the complete opposite.

Those who do nothing aren’t unappreciative of this time; they’re likely just tired. And they’re kind of already doing something huge by self-quarantining and keeping themselves and those they interact with safe.

Sometimes, we just need a break.