Four days ago, exactly on March 21, Season 4 of the very popular TV show Hekayat Banat aired after a long period of anticipation. However, even before its launch date announcement, everyone was pretty concerned!

If you’re a true fan, you’ll know how everyone agrees that the first season (with the original cast) was the finest of them all. But all the same, for the next couple of seasons we’ve accepted how two original cast members left and two new joined.

If you ask us why? We’ll tell you how having Saba Mubarak and Dina El Sherbiny made the loss of the two others (Horeya Farghaly and Reham Ayman) a little less bitter.

But when the 4th season was announced, we learned that Saba and Dina are also leaving it for good. And, that’s when we knew that it’s time to officially bid this show farewell. Was that the right decision though? Let’s see…

So, we reconsidered giving the new cast a chance to prove themselves and earn our attention. Well, we are sorry to say they just couldn’t.

The thing we always loved about this show was how authentic and intimate it was. In a way, the all-female narrative could speak directly to our hearts and address most of our issues.

By time, the show grew to be irrelevant, out of context and all about gossip, basically. It’s like the original cast left and took away the essence of the show!

Also, this is an all-new cast. We believe that not keeping so much as one original cast member will make the success of this season, pretty challenging.

Want a second opinion? Here’s a sample of how people are reacting to it, so far!

Honestly, we believe everyone should give it a try but we are not sure we will continue watching it. So, what do you guys think about Season 4 so far?