Banat Thanawy

Teen movies have always been a rare coin in Egyptian cinema. In fact, it wouldn’t be that much of an exaggeration to say that we can easily list them all, from Mozakerat Morahqa to El-Geel El-Rabe3, the latter being released almost 5 years ago!

Naturally, when Banat Thanawy’s posters were released, this made for an interesting public reaction. Here’s the thing, though, most (if not all) comments were against the movie from the get-go.

You may think we’re exaggerating. That at least half the people out there tried to defend the movie, but you’d be wrong.

See, most of the comments and posts went on the discouraging route, saying that they think the movie is going to be a complete knockoff a popular teen show, completely stereotypical, or a total failure solely on acting terms.

some fans already started theorizing based off the Elite theory alone.
others started making their own theories about the love triangles sure to be present.

Although the reactions aren’t 100% baseless, they are kind of unwarranted.

We’re not going to sugarcoat Egypt’s problem with entertainment and high school flicks. It’s there and we all know it. What we don’t know, though, is that the movie is going to be a stereotypical flop.

Say all you want about the actors, but movies largely depend on their directors and writers too.

Banat Thanawy’s director Mahmoud Kamel directed 2019’s Zodiac and 2015’s Khareg El-Khedma, and writer Ayman Salama had penned Ghada Abdelraziq’s hit Ma3 Sabq El-Esrar and Ahmed El-Sakka’s Weld El-3’alaba.

Now, we know that Weld El-3’alaba isn’t the most encouraging title out there, but then again the man did also write others too, which were much more original and actually well-written.

We need to give this movie the benefit of the doubt, at least until the first trailer is released. It may turn out to be an overlooked contender we didn’t see coming.

Whether the movie is good or bad in the end, the only way we can judge it is when it’s actually released.