Once you decide to call it quits on a relationship, you will be left with the struggle of whether or not to block your ex on social media. This can be a tough call.

If you’re now in the phase of deciding on that, know that you are not alone. Almost everyone has been there. So, we are going to tackle this forever-ongoing debate to help you make the right decision.

The Pros

Okay, so you probably heard the “block him, sis” advice from many of your friends. People supporting the highway aka the blocking way, always claim that the last thing you need when you break up is seeing your ex move on with their life.

Which is somehow true. While you’re still struggling to heal from the breakup, seeing your ex partner date and share all their daily activities can open wounds and distract you from becoming okay yourself.

But still, we don’t think the best way to go about this is by blocking them. And here’s why..

The Cons

We are strong advocators of the “non-blocking” method. We base this over two theories. The “theory of attraction” and the “healing from within” theory.

The theory of attraction. It is common knowledge that the thing you run from will eventually catch up with you. So, no matter how much you run from your feelings, they will find you.

If applied to your ex situation, blocking them is one way to deal with it. But you will only be dealing with this from a surface level. Just because you don’t see them on social media, doesn’t mean you’ll sop thinking about them!

Healing from within is the method most therapists and relationship experts advise when people are still hung up. The idea is that you need to find your peace with the fact that you no longer have this special someone in your life.

It should start by working on yourself and finding a way, on your own, to be okay with their absence. All while they are still in your social circles or on your Facebook timeline.

Alright, so the options are pretty much narrowed to those two. Although we stand firmly at the second option, this decision is completely up to you.

If you choose to cut your ex off your social media or life, no one is supposed to judge you. Go for whatever helps you to heal and center on yourself and your priorities!