A decision to end a relationship shouldn’t be taken slightly. Looking back on your life a couple of years from now, you’ll either hugely regret it, or you’ll feel it’s the best decision you ever made.

If you’re not sure your reasons for breaking up are enough, here are 5 good reasons you should end a relationship!

You don’t feel like yourself

If you find yourself putting up an act, tiptoeing around your partner or being too conscious all the time fearing judgment or misunderstanding, this is a clear sign of a controlling relationship.

A good relationship is one where you feel free to be your true self. If you’re too stressed out about your behavior around your partner or if you’re acting super crazy and emotional for no apparent reasons, know that this won’t be a long term relationship.

You take breaks too often

Taking breaks a lot is definitely a red flag. It may be time to take a step back and assess the whole thing. Consider the reasons why you’re taking breaks in the first place and see if there’s a significant change in behaviors afterwards.

If you keep coming back to the same issues, it might be an indicator that your problems are not that solvable, after all.

Imagining yourself with other people

Imagining yourself with other people is perfectly normal. But if you feel like this is a pattern and that these fantasies are consistent, that’s a problem you shouldn’t ignore.

If you’re no longer physically excited about your partner, it could mean you’re bored and it’s time to move on for good…

Headed in different directions

Maybe one wants to marry at a young age and have kids and the other just wants to focus on their career. Or you may want to settle at a certain age while your partner likes to travel all around the world.

It’s okay to be in the middle of a relation when suddenly a party has a change of heart about the future. You just have to decide whether or not you can cope with their plans.

When you express a need, you’re seen as high-maintenance

Whenever you communicate a need of yours, the reaction always makes you feel too needy, unreasonable and too much to put up with.

Most of the time you could even end up apologizing for it. If you feel this is much like your partner’s attitude, run for yourself. Your needs must always be appreciated in a relationship.

Relationships are always fun and exciting at the beginning. Once the spark begins to fade, old familial habits start to surface and we need to pick wisely who to keep for life and who to let go!