Should You Really Become A Content Creator?

Are you bored yet? Wait, no, don’t tell us. We already know and we can tell you’re just exhausted with having nothing better to do. So, you bide your time by switching social media platforms, trying to find something that’ll consume a portion of your day and then you see it.

One of your friends (or acquaintances) has started their content creation path. So, instantly, something clicks with you.

Like we said, you’re already bored so you maybe thinking something along the lines of “well, can I do what they’re doing?” or “but I’ve always wanted to do something like this, so maybe this is a sign!“.

But should you actually take that step and become a video-based creator? Well, it depends. See, you have to take a few things into consideration.

Can you actually keep a channel afloat?

If you’re really going for something like this, you should be getting your pen and paper (or your notes app, no pressure) ready. See, you should make a list of ideas, topics that you can probably talk about and explore in many different angles and it doesn’t matter how niche they all are.

If you find that you don’t have any ideas from the get-go and you actually have no idea if you do want to talk about the things you know best or are curious about, then maybe this path isn’t really for you.

When it comes to video-graphy, do you really know what you’re doing?

Because this will come up, you need to be honest with yourself. If you don’t have an editing background, will you be able to keep a sleek image with the minor editing you think you picked up from online tutorials?

If not, you’ll probably need a course. Especially if you’re planning a certain vision for your content and look.

So, about that charisma thing…

Okay, so here’s a simple rule. If you want to succeed in the video content, you need to be incredibly charismatic. Sure, your content is important but being charismatic is even more so!

king of charisma, hands down — don’t lie to yourself

Do a test run, right now. Just do it and send it to the friends with the most brutally honest opinions. It doesn’t matter if you’re awkward, trust us. The charisma will shine through, if it’s there.

Are you aware your content could take a lot of time to really take off?

This part is actually very important. See, creating video-content doesn’t mean everything you do will suddenly sky-rocket into the viral stage. It might actually take some time…and, well, it might never happen.

If what you care about is just creating the content you want and sharing what you want to share with the people, then chances are you’ll be fine. If you hoped for a bigger and better result, you might need to find another path or just make peace with what’s already going on.

And if you’re still not shaken, well, go for it!