College Crushes

Three things will happen to you in the regular schoolyear. You will be sucker-punched by the workload, you will skip more classes than you intend to, and you might have a little crush on a person who’s a little too unattainable.

So, do you want to know how to deal with the last particular situation? We’ll try to help

Are You Actually Having a Crush or Are You Just Bored?

When starting the year, you may find yourself experiencing a new crush or refreshing an old one. Before you get all googly-eyed, though, you may need to pause and think.

Are you having these feelings because it’s natural or are you just looking for a way to fill up your time? If you feel like it might be more of the latter, then it’s a phase that will pass.

If it isn’t, though…

So, Should You Go for It?

Now that you’ve established that you have a crush going on, you may be considering how to proceed or whether you should go for it at all.

Your intentions are all yours, if we’re being honest, so we cannot judge you. We can, however, advise you to see what’s going to work out for you. If it’s going to be too hard to maintain or too stressful, maybe you can reconsider the circumstances.

When Going for It, There Are Some Things You Should Know

College crushes may not seem like they’d take a lot of work, but they do.

If it’s a totally new crush and you have no idea what the person does, you should lay down a game plan and know when to approach and when to pause.

You should also know that there might be a high chance that it’ll be a one-sided attraction so don’t let it discourage you.

Another thing to keep in mind is to not go and, you know, confess feelings of infatuations all at once—yes, that can happen—because you might discover things about this crush of yours. Things that will make any lovely feelings go away or greatly diminish.

What Are You Waiting For, Get Their Attention

Now that we’re finally making a plan of action, we need to remember what we’re trying to achieve.

You want your crush to notice you, but at the same time, you’ll need to play low-key to not become the talk of campus.

Try things like finding a shared interest with the person or, even better, try to get them to tell you about something they’re interested in. People love the chance they get to geek out and it’s a sure-fire way to bond, so why not?

Who knows, maybe we’ll be hearing a ‘and this, kids, is how I met your mother’ after a very long time.