In the world of social media, we get exposed to most people’s personal lives. We get to know details about their relationships and their significant others. Not just that, but many people brag about their relationships and how far they have developed as if they were really desperate to be in one, which is quite absurd if you ask me.

You would see pictures with captions that make you feel insecure if you are not in any relationship at all. Even if you are a person who is a little more focused on his/her career for now, you still feel pressured to seek a relationship. Everyone around you gives that ‘Are you still single?’ look; even your own family adds to the pressure.

But even so, you shouldn’t feel desperate to be in a relationship and here is why:

#1: Relationships Don’t Define You

Don’t let social pressure make you believe that a relationship defines you, because it doesn’t. You define your own-self by what you do, what you like and what you aspire to be. You don’t need to be in a relationship for people to understand and know the real you, because who you are has nothing to do with your relationship status or who you are dating.

#2:Think of All the Things You’d be Missing Out On

People always long for being in a relationship, but they never really appreciate how great being single can be. You have no commitments or responsibilities whatsoever. You can do whatever you want without having anyone telling you ‘Don’t speak to him because he’s flirting’, or ‘Don’t go out with your friends and let’s go out together’. So consider Yourself as free as a bird.

#3: If You are Desperate, You’ll Make Stupid Decisions

If you feel desperate to be in a relationship, then odds of you having to settle with the wrong person or making a stupid decision are too high. When you rush into a relationship, your vision becomes distorted. So instead of being with the right person, you might get stuck with a lunatic who thinks of himself as Ahmed Ezz.

#4: ‘El Donia Mabtedeesh Mehtag’

Even if you try to rush the process and keep looking for that right person, you’ll never find him that way. When it’s time, you’ll find him in the most unexpected way. Don’t even bother overthinking it and just let it be. Enjoy your single life while it lasts and don’t let the pressure get to you.

#5: You Should Have Enough Time to Work on Your Career

Some things come first; you should be more selfish in your early 20’s than later on in your life. You need to spend a lot of time and effort to build yourself a career that you want. Focus on your career for a while, because later when you become part of a relationship, your mind will be preoccupied with other things.

#6: Learn to be Happy on Your Own

Happiness is a decision that you teach yourself to make every single moment of your day. You need to understand that you are whole and that you should be happy on your own. Don’t link your happiness to other people, only to yourself.