Being in a relationship is amazing. You get the chance to live a fairytale with someone who loves you and cares about you the most. You get to experience going out on dates in fancy restaurants, celebrating Valentine’s Day and doing all the lovey-dovey kind of stuff.

But when you rush into a relationship for all the wrong reasons, it won’t be all fairytales and happiness. It will be tiring, stressful and consuming.

Many people fall into this trap and then realize their mistake, so if you were smart enough to not fall into that trap in the past, remember all the following reasons to not fall in one in the future.

You Don’t Know Them That Well

You need to take your time to know this person very well; to be aware of their flaws, their likes and dislikes, what makes them angry, what makes them happy, their plans for their future and their habits.

It is necessary that you see for yourself and not listen to them babble about how angelic they might be.

Do the both of you have common interests? Will your future together be as you expected? These are the type of questions you need answers for!

You Want to be Sure of Your/Their Feelings

Once you click with someone, you get so excited that your life turns into an emotional rollercoaster. You go from ‘like’ to ‘love’ real quick without understanding the great value and weight of each word.

Wait and let time prove to you two how strong your feelings are because maybe it was just mere infatuation.

Maybe You’re With them for the Wrong Reasons

Make sure that you want to be with them because you love them and not because of lust or loneliness.

I get it, sometimes you get too lonely because you’ve been single for a while now, but being in a relationship just to fix that will backfire and hurt you both eventually.

You Want Your Relationship to be Strong

Fastening the timeline of your relationship deprives you from having lots and lots of memories, fights, events and many more things that are the core of a strong relationship.

The more memories you make, the more your feelings are developed which is essential to make your relationship tight.

It Might be a Rebound

If you just got out of a relationship and you are rushing into one, then odds are this new relationship is just a rebound. Take your time to heal and get over your ex, and you will find the right person at the right time.

Many of us want to be in a relationship, but what we NEED to know is that most good things take time and a decent relationship is worth waiting for. Don’t rush things, and you will find your knight in shining armor at the right time when you are ready.