Snooping Relatives

A lot of us love our families, don’t we? Through thick and thin and whatever happens, we’ll be there. We just wish some of our relatives were less present in our lives.

See, the end result is them usually sucking all the information we have about ourselves and everyone else like they’re Sherlock Holmes with a deadline!

Thankfully, there are a couple of ways you can get those relatives off your back. Thank us later.

Start by keeping all the small talk to a minimum and making that crystal clear.

Okay, so we’re not going to lie and say this will completely discourage them from invading your life and privacy, but it may help out somewhat.

Once they see you’re not really saying much, they might, you know, start realizing that what they’re doing is uncalled for and doesn’t fall into “quirky relative” category.

If this doesn’t work, you can actually do the extreme opposite.

This tactic might actually work because you won’t be divulging actually real or important details. You’ll be telling these relatives the most boring, innate information anyone can ever think about, all while being extremely monotone about it.

Do that and, trust us, they won’t want to bug you ever again.

Block them (and their children) on all social media platforms.

This isn’t as predictable as it looks. If you don’t want these particular relatives to go snitching to your mother about you “not accepting their friend requests” and the like, accept them.

Then, of course, put them in the acquaintance category and then block those acquaintances from seeing all your posts and there you have it. All parties satisfied.

If all else fails, snoop right back. Yes, it works.

We don’t want you to compromise your values or anything, but this tactic is one straight out of a Game of Thrones episode. And we mean, one of the good episodes.

The minute you know your nosy relative is visiting soon, prepare yourself to nosily get into their business before they get into yours. That switched move will catch them extremely off-guard and they’ll respect you for it, too, actually, in the same vein of “player’s respect”.

We need to block out this nosiness out of our lives as best as we can. With these moves, we just might.