Everyone hears about commitment issues, however you never really know if you do suffer from it yourself. You keep going in and out of what might have been- a glimpse of- a relationship for different reasons, but none of them were really accountable!

So, here’s how you know if you’re suffering from commitment issues:

1-You always search for flaws in him/her. If you feel that things are going in the right direction and you both like each other, you start coming up with silly, non-existent reasons to turn you off.

2-You try to find excuses not to see him/her even though you know you want to.

3-You think ahead and then panic. Thinking about the next step in your relationship freaks you out.

4-Imagining spending a lifetime with only one person scares the hell out of you.

5-You always sabotage your relationship when facing a minor problem.

6-You are always afraid of being let down.

7-You think it might interfere with your goals and slow you down.

8-When you feel that the relationship is going somewhere or taking a different turn, you never pass a chance without stating that you’re not a couple.

mixed emotions

9-When it ends, you’re sad but somehow relieved too.