Admittedly, flirting is not everyone’s forte. I honestly consider it a talent that most, including myself, are not bestowed with. It requires a certain amount of eloquence and confidence accompanied by the just-right use of body language. If you’re however, mostly awkward like me when it comes to all things flirting-related, you would’ve probably experienced any and/or all of the following:

You Automatically Treat Your Crush As One of the Gang:


You never go head-over-heels crazy and treat anyone you’re possibly interested in any different than any girl/guy friends. You wouldn’t bat your eyelashes or give them any special treatment; sending suggestive texts is definitely out of question. That’s why your crushes usually assume they’re just being friendzoned, which is NOT the case.

When They Do Flirt, You’re Reduced to a Blushing Mess:


Red burning cheeks and panicky thoughts- yeah, that just about explains your initial reaction to any flirting attempt you’re exposed to. If they flirt face-to-face, you end up awkwardly giggling and quite possibly punching them (without inflecting any real injuries though).

Your Best Friends Are Always Urging You to Make a Move…Any Move:


They’re always nudging you and literally nagging for you to go “get some.” They give you motivational speeches and even set up situations and outings in order to give you and your crush some ‘alone’ time so you can finally make your move.

You Spend a Considerable Amount of Time Planning:


You sit there, possibly with your best friends, and plan out an entire scenario of how you’re going to swoop in and win their affection. You even imagine their reply. You rehearse your lines. You practice your body language. You do everything possible to convince yourself that you can totally do this.

When You Do Flirt or Make a Move, You’re as awkward as Can Be:


Long story short, your rehearsed scenario never ends up being remotely put into action and you decide to wing it. The result? You attempt to throw a flirty comment their way and end up giggling at your own cheesiness, making you look like a slight lunatic.

In the end though, if your crush has any funny bone in their system, will end up laughing along with you at your own goofiness. See, your charm actually lies in the fact that you’re a total hot mess when it comes to flirting. If they don’t find your awkwardness funny and a tad endearing, then, allow me to tell you the utter truth: they’re not worth it- move on to someone who gets you better.