Every love story: boy meets girl. Boy and girl start dating. They fall in love. Some love stories take a different path from here. Sometimes one of the two starts to find the other less attractive. It happens. While every couple’s attraction to one another wanes and waxes over the course of the relationship, sometimes a person will stop attracting their significant other, period. As painful as it is, it’s important to notice if this is happening to you. Because if you catch it early on, there’s still hope to rekindle the flame that stopped burning. Here are 9 signs that indicate that your GF/BF doesn’t find you physically attractive anymore. 

1- They no longer touch you 

As in they no longer hold your hand, gently touch the back of your waist or casually rest their hand on your legs or shoulders. Simple gestures like these go a long way and are true signs that a person is physically attracted to you. So if your partner is outright recoiling when you try to be physically close to them, it definitely means that they’ve stopped viewing you as a sexual being. 

2- They no longer compliment you 

Compliments are a huge part of every relationship, whether they’re complementing your personality, your work ethic, your body or your fashion style. So if your partner stops complementing the way you look or never notices remarkable changes in your appearance, that is often a sign that they lost their attraction to you. 

3- Their demeanor has become detached, distant and cold 

This alone could mean a number of other things but when combined with other signs on this list, it translates to “they’re not attracted to you anymore” and you should run the other way. 

4- If your body underwent major changes 

If you are feeling like your significant other has stopped perceiving you as attractive after your body has underwent major changes, there’s almost always a truth to it. Maybe they preferred the old you, whether it was skinnier or fatter. 

5- If you often find them checking out other people

If they were never the type to check out other girls/guys but you are catching them doing that lately, it means that their physical interest in you has faded and that they are looking for it elsewhere. So basically if they check out other people more often than they should, it means that they’ve also physically checked out of your relationship.  

6- If he encourages makeup (For girls)

The normal “you look pretty with eyeliner on” is acceptable, so is the “I love it when you get all dolled up”! But if he constantly gives you endless comments about how you should have makeup on all the time and highly encourages you to wear it, get out of this relationship. A guy who loves you will find you beautiful with or without makeup. 

7- If she keeps asking you to change something about how you look (For guys) 

If she’s constantly asking you to go to the gym or that you need to change the way you dress, it means that she’s not content with the way you look at the moment. This is not good and you should not have to put up with it. I mean sure, if she’s asking you to go the gym because she genuinely cares for your physical health, then she’s a keeper. But if she’s doing it out of anything other than love, she’s not really attracted to you. 

Whatever the case, if your partner doesn’t make you feel attractive and you constantly feel insecure and that you’re not enough, this relationship is no good and you have some serious issues to talk about.