Unfortunately, many relationships include emotional abuse. It may not be as noticeable as physical abuse, but it can be even more damaging. In Emotional abusive relationships, one of the partners may feel like there’s no way out of the relationship. It’s important to recognise the signs of an emotional abusive relationship and to call for help when you think you’re subjected to them. 

1- They disregard your opinions and needsbelittling

Instead of making sure you’re happy, and are taking care of yourself, they will ignore your opinions and will belittle your hopes and dreams.The tone of their voice will be patronising and condescending. They’ll make you feel like you’re silly and whatever you want is not good enough.

2-They make you feel bad about yourselfAbusive words hurt

They won’t compliment you as much as they should, and instead, it’ll be a normal thing for them to use sarcasm with you to make fun of you. They’ll feel the need to embarrass you in front of other people, and will make sure to constantly point out your flaws, deteriorating your self-esteem, and making you feel really bad about who you are.

3-You feel like you need permission to do anythingsuffoc

There’s an obvious hierarchy in the relationship, and they’re the boss. They make you feel like you constantly need permission to do anything. You’re no longer an independent individual, but rather like their little child, or pet, that needs to be with them all the time. They want and will control you, and your movements.

4-They blame you for their unhappiness


One of the worst things about emotional abusive relationships is that even if you notice that you’re badly treated, and that you are in an emotional abusive relationship, they’ll play the victim, and will blame you for their misery. Instead of thinking about your own happiness, they’ll make sure you know that you are the cause of their unhappiness, and will even go as far as threatening to commit suicide if you think about leaving them. If you feel like you’re stuck with someone, just because you’re afraid of what they’d do to themselves if you’re gone, then it’s Emotional Blackmail, and you’re definitely in an emotional abusive relationship.

5- You’re afraid and feel guilty


If your two dominant emotions are Fear, and Guilt, then it’s definitely not normal. Because of his constant threats, and the fact that he’s blaming you for his unhappiness, you will likely always be afraid to do anything that would upset him. When in reality, this is actual bullying.

6-Unreasonable jealousySigns-of-Emotional-Abuse

As they think they’re the boss of you, and that you are their possession, there will be inexplicable amounts of jealousy when you become friends with other people. There will be constant calling and texting when you’re not together, to make sure that you have to be with them all the time, like you can only exist within the context of your relationship. If you feel like you’re forcefully being isolated from your family and friends, then you’re experiencing emotional abuse.

7- They will deny it twisting

If you tell them that you think you’re being emotionally abused, they will deny it and start calling you crazy, and will make you feel like you’re imagining things. They might even start telling other people that he thinks you’re crazy and ill, to have people on his side. This can lead to brainwash, and self doubt. But you shouldn’t have to doubt yourself.

Emotional Abuse hasn’t been talked about enough, and people still do not acknowledge or understand it. Please do make sure you know all of these emotional abusive relationship signs, and try to get yourself out of it, or ask for help, if you think you’re stuck.