At the beginning of every relationship, both partners strive to present the best version of themselves. They tend to be super cautious and think everything over 100 times before doing it.

You know you’re finally comfortable when your relationship has reached a whole other dimension.

Bathroom Problems

People who have passed the newlyweds phase can very much relate. At first, simply being in the bathroom doing your business while the other person is in the same room could be very awkward. Your own personal toilet thoughts can range from “Howa shamem re7ty men hena?” to “momken astana fel 7amam le3’ayet ma el ree7a teroo7? Bas howa keda haye3raf akeed eny ba3mel number 2.” The ultimate comfortable phase is when you and your spouse can have conversations while you’re literally sitting on the toilet seat. Kda gebty men el ekher.


Farting is one thing and embracing the smell together is another. Dropping fart bombs has become the norm that commenting or reacting to it never happens. Unless el ree7a begad begad qateela that you absolutely have to gag while cracking open a window. You’re human after all.


Aghh, unshaved body parts have been a huge insecurity for both men and women. Because what is more appealing than having soft clean skin? You know you’ve made it to your comfort zone when your husband tells you “howa reglek shaweketny emberah 3ala fekra.” To which your reply would be “la2 da lessa hatawelo shwaya 3ashan a3raf a3melo bel sweet.” 3adi, casual morning conversation.

You already talk about what your kids will look like

When you have this conversation during your dating phase, you’re definitely on the right track. “Ya rab 3eyali yetla3o sha3rohom zayi”, “esh me3na?, “habibi menta 3aref en sha3rak akrat”. “Heya lazem benti tetla3 shakhsseyetha zayee 3ashan etnen menek haygebly shalal”. Kedza ya3ni.

Silently sitting next to each other

At first couples would worry about being too quiet in car rides or not having anything to talk about on a date. You start sweating and having weird thoughts like “howa leh mabyetkalemsh? Da 3adi?, “howa zehe2 meni?” You can even go as far as silently praying to God eno ye3adi el yom 3ala kheir. And usually the guy too would be thinking about what he should say or do to make this less awkward. Reaching the comfort zone peak would be the ability to stay in complete silence for minutes on end without thinking about pushing yourself out of the car.

All jokes aside, these signs also indicate that you are officially on your way to a healthy relationship. Kiss your insecurities goodbye but please, if you are still at the beginning… make sure not to scare them away.