You meet a girl, and think she’s the one. You can’t stop thinking about her, yet she seems to have no clue, and you don’t know what to do to catch her attention. One thing for sure is that she is no psychic, and even if she is, it’s quite impossible to know that a guy likes you just cause he says, “Hi, how are you?” Do you have any idea how many people say that? We can’t walk the earth believing that every guy that ever says hi and asks how we are has a crush on us, secretly we are his one and only love, and the girl of his dreams.

If you love a girl you have to let her know. Most girls who have a crush on a guy will not make a move and will keep a perfect poker face on, they might leave little hints here and there, but honestly even if she dropped all possible hints you guys aren’t so smart on picking those up. As unfair as it may seem, and as gender discriminating as you might see it, it is in fact your job to do the first steps. It is actually the least thing you could do, after all if you do eventually get married in a year or two you’ll end up as careless as can be, burping while watching a football match, with only boxers, a white tank undershirt, and socks on (hint: that’s not a sight we want to see, for real), while she slaves away after the kids, just trying to keep your lives intact, and trying to stay in love with the ever devolving man she ended up with. Like it or not, believe it or not, 99% you will be that man, the odds are against you! What I’m trying to say is, do the moves; it’s your time to shine!


Here are a few things you can do…


1- Let her catch you looking at her.

Catching you looking at her at an outing, or in class, or even at work will give her a clue that you like her. You should be checking her out in a “oh, I can’t believe how gorgeous she looks” and NOT “oh, look at her XYZ, I want to do XYZ to her”, don’t look below the neck area; romanticize don’t fantasize. You should get lost in her beauty, give her a little “you caught me” smile before you shy away or make a move. If you just keep staring at her, it will just turn you from an admirer into a creepy stalker, and instead of asking “you think he likes me?” she’ll be asking “what’s wrong with him?!”


2- Start up a conversation.

A good way to show her that you like her is to actually have a conversation with her. It’s a good hint that you like her, but don’t just talk about the weather; ask about her, what is she studying or working for example. You need to give her your undivided attention, listen to what she is saying, and let her notice that you are interested in her.

3- Compliment her.

You could compliment her about her smile, eyes, hair, something she is wearing, or admire her behaviour or something she is doing, even if work or hobby related. Just simply drop a huge hint that you have any kind of interest in her and you are actually noticing her, not just passing time cause you have nothing better to do or you’re just being nice.


4- Keep showing her attention.

Whenever you meet her give her your attention. Let her see that in any place, at any time, she’s your favourite person to be with; she’s the one that wins your attention. Remember previous conversations you had to let her know you really listened and actually remembered what she told you, that’s a compliment in itself.


5- Keep the contact.

If you have her number or have her on facebook or twitter that’s great. If you don’t, find her on facebook or twitter a few days after you have met, this means you remembered her, are interested in knowing her, and would like to stay in touch. Like or comment on her posts, but not every single one of them so you don’t give the stalky vibe. Text her when possible, and strike up conversations.


This is a good place to start until you start sensing she likes you back, or until you gather up some courage to ask her out. Take your time, but beware, taking too much time in this area will either creep her out, turn you into just a friend, or eventually she will be unavailable.