Most girls seem to have an undeniable imagination, or possibly misconceptions when it comes to romance and love stories in general. There is this belief that love is how we see it in the romantic movies or read about it in the passionate novels, but in the cold light of day it isn’t really…

Below are 5 silly misconceptions about romance that we need to let go of:

1. The Beauty and The Beast Theory

When we meet that destructive guy, we all think that we could change him. We live in this fantasy that amidst our journey together, he will change, become a different person, and the prince inside the beast will come to light. However, that is not always the case. Guys don’t necessarily change for someone they may feel something towards; guys most probably change after trauma. They change when they finally find a reason within them. People change for themselves, not for others.

2. Soulmates Myth 

Sure, it’s romantic to think about having one true soulmate, but the fact that there is only one person for everyone is not true. You can fall in love more than once in a lifetime. If soulmates truly existed, widowers who fall hard for their late partners would not ever find someone else, would they?

3. Little Miss Princess and Her Prince Charming

If you’re waiting for a man to change your life and tell you how amazing you are, your life will never change, and you will never know how amazing you are even if you find Prince Charming. We need to understand that we are not Cinderella. It is our job to be in charge of our lives, and to make a happy one for ourselves with or without a man.

4. The Best Friend

We do not all end up with our best friends. Those who do happen to have a massive amount of luck that not all of us share. Not to mention how weird it could be being involved with someone you’ve considered a brother for years.

5. Like Father Like Son in Law

Honey, if everybody was like Dad, no one would have boy trouble. The way our dads were raised is nothing like the way present generations were raised or are being raised. Your father, the calm, collected, responsible man who brought you up and stuck by you your whole life, is probably now a fictitious character. Most of the guys you will meet from now on will never resemble your father.

Us girls, are living fairy tales told to us by Jane Austen, Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve and Shakespeare. The sad part is, we know we’re wrong. So, take care of yourself, find the man who will really treasure you for the jewel you truly are.