For people of my generation; pasta equals Dido’s. Yes, the place is small and you come out smelling like the exhaust of their chimney but it is completely worth it…huge quantities, tasty blends and Pepsi in the big old bottle.

However, things are done differently these days and when you crave pasta you go to Simply Pasta, the take out place on Hassan Sabry Street in Zamalek…so I went to get myself a good serving of this simplistic pasta.

To my surprise the eating area was as small as a desk in 1st grade and sitting on a high chair throughout my visit was simply torture.

It took me the first 5 minutes to figure out the menu; I was highly reminded to Saeed Saleh legendary phrase ‘kol 7aga saleema bas lewa7daha’ the menu is a list of things that you need to put together to make your dish…I don’t wonna construct my pasta, I wonna eat it, I told the waiter.

Finally, I went for his recommended blend of pasta with mushroom which came in a plastic, disposable plate with a little plastic jar of sauce!  I hated everything about that place; and despite the pasta tasted ok, all I could think of is leave this white and green concrete hell hole.

Call me old fashioned or old but next time I feel like pasta, I am going to my beloved Dido’s.