private lessons

The Ministry of Education has just unveiled its plan to ban private lessons. However, nobody can deny that private lessons are where we made some of the best school life memories. Here’s a look back to some of them.

1. Carbon papers and the usual fights

Carbon papers were among the most essential tools in private lessons at home, yet they are the root of all evil and the cause for ending so many friendships over the usual fight of who gets the originals. They mostly went to the house owner. So unfair.

2. How RICH we were! 

Parents gave us the money, but nobody said that we actually have to attend right? I guess nobody in our generation will experience the financial stability of their school education again.

3. How you hated everyone who didn’t take their shoes off

If you were the lesson host, then you are familiar with this crisis. How you tell teachers or some of your friends again and again to take their shoes off, but they just won’t!

4. How impossible it was to talk directly to the teacher

With the trend of private centers, the teachers somehow get the treatment of movie stars. You can’t speak directly to them; they come and leave right before and after the session! “If you have questions, talk to the assistants!”

5. That kind of pride you had when the teacher knows you by your name

A good student always shines. If you have ever been that student, you will know how special it made you feel. If you are one, you’d better start googling “how to handle fame?” because the other students will treat you as an assistant not just a student.

6. That friend who had a crush on the assistant

We always, ALWAYS, had that friend, unless you are that friend. She had a crush on a certain assistant and she somehow interpreted everything he does as a sign. But she’s probably a grown up now and most likely has a crush on her teacher assistant at college.

7. The non-existing excuses you use to leave a teacher for another teacher

This was an excellent opportunity to practice break-ups. If you tried a teacher and you just found his/her style of tutoring not right for you, you always had to find a diplomatic excuse to tell them that you are leaving. Believe it or not, this breaks their hearts indeed!

8. If you have two or more lessons on the same day, well, hello street life

This was the best part about Thanawya Amma. On some days you’d have more than one private lesson so you’d spend the time in between roaming the streets with your friends and eating junk food. At that age, this was the ultimate fun experience.


Whether or not private lessons are a positive or a negative phenomenon, nobody can deny that they gave us some extra time to spend with our friends and the best memories to live by.