If you’re like most of us planning your shopping spree of the year in celebration of all the Black Friday discounts, then you will be thrilled to learn that there is a whole new shopping craze in the horizon, China’s “Singles’ Day”.

Singles’ Day in a Nutshell?

Singles’ Day is a Chinese holiday that started in 1993 at one of the Chinese universities’ dorms in celebration of being single. It is celebrated on November 11th, seeing how the date 11/11 contains four “1”s which represents singles sticking together.
Talk about solidarity, right?

How Do We Celebrate It?

On Singles’ Day, single people go out to parties, treat themselves to gifts and presents celebrating their single life.

Singles’ Day and Shopping

What better way to treat yourself than to go on a crazy shopping spree?
This is why, over the years, Singles’ Day has become a global shopping festival, specially after the Chinese leading eCommerce website Alibaba started offering major discounts on its merchandise for a 24-hour only sale, at midnight on November 11th, 2009. In celebration, of course, of Singles’ Day.

Singles’ Day Becoming the World’s Largest Shopping Craze 

Since 2009, Singles’ Day has become the world’s largest online shopping day. So much so that in 2017, profits of Single’s Day sales reached a record of $25.3 billion, proving once and for all that the power of single-hood solidarity is a true force to be reckoned with.

The Power of Egyptian Shoppers

So far, in Egypt, the only shopping deals we acknowledge have been in November’s Black Friday, or should we say, Black Fridays. Though it stands alone, we Egyptians, as professional shoppers have been able to take the maximum advantage out of Black Friday.
Every Friday in November, Egyptians from all over the country raid the malls and stores, both online and offline, abusing every discount they can find. Taking the originally simple shopping day to a whole new phenomenal level.

Imagine Singles’ Day in Egypt…

Now take a moment with me and imagine the damage we, dedicated Egyptian single ladies and gentlemen, can do with this holiday created just for us to make all our shopping dreams come true.
I mean talk about MADNESS!!
So I hereby, call for everyone responsible, to start launching Single’s Day offers and discounts in Egypt, and let us show the world how it’s really done.

By: Omnia Essawy