Just like it was once the time to recognize the great performances by certain actors and actresses this Ramadan, the time has now come to list the not-so-good ones.

To be clear, this doesn’t mean that the stars who made it to this list are bad actors altogether. Sometimes, good actors deliver bad performances and our verdicts are not absolute.

That being said, let’s take a look at six of the worst Ramadan 2020 performances together!

Ahmed Magdy/ Forsa Tanya

Despite his good looks and undeniable charisma, his role as Zeyad in “Forsa Tanya” backs the fact that after a few years in the scene Ahmed Magdy could still use some work on his acting skills. Anytime now, Ahmed?

Reem Sami/ El Prince

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We respect Reem for admitting that having a brother like, the director, Mohamed Sami gave her a kick in the entertainment scene. But why should that stop her from taking a few acting classes? Especially one that includes phonetics.

Ahmed Fahmy & Akram Hosny

Honestly, we were disappointed in “Regalet El Beit” but not entirely surprised. The Ahmed Fahmy and Akram Hosny duo hasn’t been working for a while now. Regalet El Beit is just another testimony!

Yasmine Sabry/ Forsa Tanya

Do we even have to? Okay. Yasmine Sabry continues to get called on her poor performance as Malak in “Forsa Tanya”, and at this point we don’t know what it takes to get her to work more on herself as an actress. Let alone, a protagonist!

Riham Haggag/ Lama Kona Soghayareen

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لما كنا صغيرين 💜

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Riham Haggag sure had her good times as a supporting actress. But for some reason, when she got a leading role, things went downhill for her. Her performance as “Donya” is hardly convincing and what’s even harder to swallow is how she’s always overdressed in the midst of her best friend’s murder case!

Ahmed El Awady

Although “El Ekhtyar” is topping the trends for being one of the best series this Ramadan, we’re afraid we can’t say the same about Ahmed El Awady’s delivery of Hesham El Ashmawy.

We think he could’ve prepared better for such a significant character. Like seriously, does he know that frowning is not the only facial reaction in the book?

Let us know what you guys think in the comments!