By: Mahmoud Mansi

Friends and family of the bride and groom-to-be sometimes advise them not to have a wedding in order to save their money and invest in their honeymoon and future instead.
Weddings are no longer the simple ceremonies they used to be in the good old days. Nowadays, the makeup, hair styling, photography, entertainment, decoration, bridal dress, wedding cake, pre-wedding photography, the venue, all became very costly items on your wedding budget.
However, having all these thoughts in mind while my own wedding was approaching, I still eventually had to have one and follow the “norm”. When I did finally attend my big day, I had a totally different view about the whole thing. The wedding is definitely worth it! Here’s why:

1- Being the Star of the Day

On that day, you are Queen and King. Everyone is here to serve you both. Everyone is looking at you in a very different way; you’re giving inspiration, thoughts or memories to each person in the hall. It feels exactly like being in your own coronation.

2- Seeing Your Wife/Husband Happy

Imagine looking at each other and remembering all you’ve been through and how much time you waited till you finally reached this moment, this special day, while watching the accumulated stress being washed away in one smile. Maybe the world is changing, but this day will always remain special to every woman, and after I experienced it myself, it will remain special for every man too.

3- Making Your Parents Proud

There are certain things we will never understand, like why our parents cry when they’re happy; when we graduate, when we find a job and when we get married! But as my mother tells me, you will understand this when you have your own child. Making your parents proud is the most “priceless” thing you can ever offer to them. Seeing the happiness in their eyes and maintaining it after your marriage will surely bless your life.

4- Dancing Wild and Being Silly

Not all people are party animals. If you’re one, then your wedding day will be “the” wildest night in your life, and if you’re not, you will get to experience extremely new feelings mixed with adrenaline and other exotic enzymes. You will know that one could get high and be very happy without the usage of any toxic drugs. It’s all in your body; you can activate this happiness any time! You will learn that being silly can actually be super fun, and it can be a lifestyle whenever you’re stressed or facing problems together. Remember how you danced your stress away on your wedding day!

5- Documenting One of the Most Important Days In Your Life

It’s extremely exciting to watch your wedding’s video with family and friends for the first time; watching your mistakes, your extra perfection at some moments as well as the crazy things that you thought were never captured by the camera. It will always make you laugh, especially if you’re planning to have children and they get to watch their parents and the beginning of their creation!

6- Doing Everything Together

Planning for the wedding and actually living it on that day is your “first project” together. You planned something from A to Z, and now you’re executing it. Whether according to plan or not, but this is a HUGE success. If you live your life this way, planning everything together and always seeking new “projects”, imagine how happy and successful you will be and how productive you will be to the society.

Whether you have a wedding or not, no one can tell you how to be happy. Each couple creates their own definition of happiness and success.