We know that the title probably got you startled and made you go like ‘Who hates Ramadan?!’, but don’t worry. We all love the holy month that gathers us with our beloved ones and makes us feel the warm vibes all around. The hatred part here has to do more with those Ramadan-ized incidents that only take place during this month and seem to make our seyam more tough and give us a lot of ‘alahoma eni sayem’ moments!

1.The Lack of Sleep

You’re probably reading this article while you’re half asleep. The tight schedule of having to do Sohour at 3 am then wake up at 7 to go to work is turning us all into zombies.

2. Family Comments at Gatherings

we know how kind Tante Lola is and how funny Uncle Anwar is, but it’s not funny to hear ‘sayem wala zay kol sana’ or ‘hanfra7 beki emta’ every time we gather for a Ramadan Iftar. And yes, we all gain weight during Ramadan, ATAYEF!

3. Driving…Maybe it Shouldn’t be Called that!

People are fasting but that doesn’t give them the excuse to kill us, because they can’t keep their eyes on the road. People will be hitting you with their cars and swerving towards you all of a sudden before giving you the ‘ana sayem’ look.

4. Crowded Dessert Shops

People always rush towards those stores a few hours before Iftar. It becomes more like a battle for that one last Konafa platter. The task of buying dessert is a heavy task that no one wants to undertake; it’s torture for our wallets too.

5. Long Ads Between Series

we’re okay with ads, we actually love them. The thing here is, it’s kind of turning into watching series between ads and not vice versa! We sometimes go blank as we try to remember which show we were actually watching. We know, cash wins!

6.The Last Hour Before Iftar

That last hour is the slowest of them all. You keep sitting by the clock waiting for the time to pass. If you try to do something distracting, you’ll find that it only took you a minute to finish. The Hunger Games are real everyone!


We may frankly hate these six things about Ramadan, but let’s give it a second thought. The delicious food, the family presence and decorative street lights; don’t they just make you fall in love with this festive season all over again? The truth is Ramadan is full of wonderful values to appreciate, so no matter how tough it gets, we just love those Nutella Atayef!