Being a better person is so subjective; it varies from one point of view to another. However, some things are just common. There are small immediate actions that can easily make you become a better person; engage in all acts of kindness and attentiveness! Be loving! We were all born to be good, kind and loving! Life, however, happened to all of us making some of us tougher, harsher and others kinder and more caring! But you can still change and it shouldn’t be that challenging because you’re originally meant to be that way.


Stop judging

Take it easy. Stop being so hard on yourself and others, believe in tolerance. I know being judgemental sometimes gives you a false impression of superiority. You subconsciously judge others just to feel better about yourself, but what it might actually do is make you feel a whole lot worse. Learn to accept others and embrace their differences. Just because they’re different doesn’t make them inferior!

Be truthful to yourself

Defining what “being yourself” is could be a difficult task. You might wonder at first what if “being myself” isn’t so interesting or appealing? Don’t be afraid to be truthful, express your opinions loudly but politely without offending others and tolerate opposing ideas. That’s what we call open-mindedness! Be honest to yourself before being honest to others! And never say something unless you really mean it.

Be grateful

Always count your blessings and never take anything for granted. Appreciate the little beautiful details and be thankful for all of them. Be grateful for the presence of family, friends, and neighbours; enjoy having them in your life because you can never know how long that will last. Practice makes perfect, exercising gratitude should become one of your daily rituals. Wake up everyday and think of three things you’re grateful for.

Be helpful

Do good and good will come unto you; this is called “Karma”. Don’t expect anything from anyone and always give more than what you get. Never let the attitudes and behaviours of others stop you from being good. It can be as simple as a smile, a sweet compliment, or lending them an ear. Be positive and inspiring to others but in order to do so you have to be positive and love yourself. Find your passion and pursue it, this will make your soul grow and glow inside out.

Show your feelings

Try not to wear your heart on your sleeves; but don’t go the other extreme either, being the one who’s always emotionally dry. Don’t be afraid to be emotional around your loved ones. No, it’s not a sign of weakness or anything. Human relationships are complicated enough, so stop making it harder for yourself and others.

Stop whining and victimizing yourself

Stop making excuses and start acting and actually doing something about it. Life is too short to procrastinate. More importantly, hold yourself responsible for your own mistakes.