In your twenties your skin is strong and resilient. However, don’t take it for granted because aging happens, and anything you throw on it now is going to come out later — even if it bounces back for now. 

Cleansing: Cleansing your skin and removing any makeup residues before going to bed is a must. It prevents your facial pores from getting clogged. Your skin doesn’t has to be squeaky clean as recommended in the industry and some medias, they only do so for marketing reasons!! Use gentle cleansers not detergent cleansers, because the later will only strip your face from its natural oils (lipids)-which are good for your skin. So, look for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Succinate, Sulfonate, Sulfosuccinate, Sulfoacetate, Betaine Parabens and Phthalates. If you found these chemicals in your cleanser don’t bother buying it, because it will dry and irritate your skin. Don’t use hot water too, because your face is not a dirty dish!! Cool water is the best for your skin.

SPF: I’m sure that you’ve read or heard about the importance of sun screen usage. I’m also sure that most of us think of SPF as a beach accessory, as if sunlight is absent the rest of the year. Well, the sun is one of two enemies that damages the skin. Use a mineral sun screen that contains zinc dioxide or titanium dioxide NOT Avobenzone (parsol 1789), Octinoxate, Octocrylene, or PABA. If you are worried about the white cast caused by titanium dioxide, many brands now make translucent sun screens — No more lady Casper effect.

Exfoliating: It is a very important step in your skincare routine. When dead skin accumulates, your face looks dull and old. Stay away from harsh scrubs and use AHA( Alfa hydroxi acid) or BHA( beta hydroxi acid) instead. Don’t let the word “acid” scares you off!! These acids are extracted from fruits and veggies, thus are gentle on the skin. Besides, our skin is naturally acidic.

-If you have a dry skin use AHA, and if you have an oily skin use BHA.

Moisturizers: A moisturized skin will always look fresh. Don’t go too crazy with it though; respect your skin’s natural moisturizers and try to keep your skin balanced with the amount of moisturizers.

-If you have a zit, in my opinion, it’s fine to pop it but gently, because the more pressure on the skin the more damage and scaring might happen and as a blemish treatment use something contains cholidel sulfer not benzoyl peroxide.

So remember girls taking care of your skin is not a luxury it’s a must, invest in your skin, we only have one face, your major enemies are sun and poor diet/lifestyle. So, take these tips seriously:

  • No junk food or processed
  • Reduce smoking and alcohol
  • Never wash your face with a bar of soap
  • No alcohol based toners
  • Reduce sun exposure
  • Never a tanning bed (unless you are interested in experiencing a skin cancer)

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