Beauty addicts everywhere, sit up and take notice because we’re about to break some big news for you… The Swedish multi-national beauty brand, FOREO has announced the release of second-generation LUNA mini 2 devices.

FOREO: A bold, young and innovative brand

Let me tell you what’s so bold about this FOREO… They are not the type of brands who dip their toes in the water to test it first; they plunge wholeheartedly into it. They achieved global success with their award-winning LUNA skin care range in 2013 on their very first plunge. That should give you an idea of how they are in it to win it with their revolutionary technology.


FOREO didn’t pause to catch their breath after that first achievement; they set their eyes on the next mission, the next milestone; LUNA mini 2.

This new device breaks through the glass ceiling in the “skin-cleansing” experience. It will allow you to experience a deep yet gentle cleanse that is still compact and travel-friendly, so two birds, one stone.

But if you’re like us here at Identity Magazine, picky and simply want it all, keep on reading my friend, the magic is not over yet.

Removes up to 99.5% of facial Dirt and oil + Makeup

The device’s T-Sonic™ cleanse will remove 99.5% of dirt and oil (based on clinical trials) plus makeup residue. Dead skin cells are also cleared away, enhancing the absorption of skincare products and also diminishing the appearance of pores to refine skin texture. What’s more, the ultra-hygienic silicone design is quick drying and nonporous to prevent bacteria buildup. The device is 35X more hygienic than nylon-bristled brushes.

Also the LUNA mini 2 is 100% waterproof with 1 full charge lasting for 5 months when the device is used twice a day. Talk about magic.


If we were to compare it with LUNA mini, you would notice that it has a 50% bigger brush head and 26% longer touch-points. And for those who are always in a hurry, the LUNA mini 2 has a 2X more powerful motor.

Yep, one device can indeed have it all, and if you choose to trust FOREO, then you ought to give yourself a blue ribbon for being a smart gal.

So if you’re on the hunt for a superior cleansing experience, and think it is time to stop putting it off and start taking better care of your skin, FOREO is your perfect answer.

For more information visit FOREO page.