By: Malak El Lanie.

It’s no secret how women are faced with unrealistic beauty standards that are practically impossible to (naturally) achieve. Societal pressures are especially perceivable when it comes to how a woman’s body is expected to look like. Contrary to popular belief, there are actually a ton of girls who would like to put on a few kilos, but have a really hard time doing it.

The typical response we get when we express our weight-gain struggles usually goes like this “cry me a river, you were born skinny and still complain?!”. You probably think we have it easier, but we don’t. A person who’s underweight might not think their figure is ideal and therefore suffer from body image issues. No matter how much we eat, or how many overpriced nutrition plans we follow, we just can’t seem to gain weight. As if everyone’s obsession with the curvy Kardashian physique wasn’t enough, the constant skinny shaming only makes us feel worse.

Here are 12 phrases people think we never get tired of hearing:

1. The anorexia intervention

We’ve all probably had the concerned family member or friend ask us if we need help overcoming our anorexia. No. Thank you, next.

2. Your wrists are like twigs!

By now we’ve probably lost count of the amount of times this was done to us.

3. Ana khayfa a7donek tetkessry

Merci ya tante.

4. Tab3an bardana, menty mafikish la7m khales

The logic in your reasoning is truly astounding.

5. How can you walk with sticks for legs?

Would you like to see how I can kick with them too?

6. You work out? Are you seriously trying to get even skinnier?

Quite the opposite actually.

7. Law khasseity aktar men keda hate5tefy

Obviously, didn’t you know Violet Parr’s our spirit animal?

8. When are you gonna hit puberty? 

Apparently, we’re still late bloomers by the time we turn 27.

9. We might have your size in the kids’ section over there. 

And the worst part is, they’re usually not kidding.

10. Maybe if you ate more you’d be less tired

Priceless life-altering wisdom, fe3lan.

11. You lost weight again, didn’t you? 

Yes, thank you for never missing the opportunity to remind us.
No, we don’t take this as a compliment.

12. 2o2fo keda gamb ba3d neshoof meen arfa3

You and your fellow skinny friend know this nerve-wracking moment all too well.


Basically, skinny shaming is just as hurtful as fat shaming. There’s really no need to make someone feel even more self-conscious about their body.
Bottom line,