smart girls

Smart girls are both a blessing and a curse. Unlike airheads, smart girls are very attractive. They can be considered a curse only if you’re a player who wants to always get away with all your lies and excuses.

A smart girl is hard to get which makes her more attractive in your eyes as a player, but she won’t easily get fooled by your fake charm.

Here is how a relationship between you two will be like, if she’s not smart enough not to date you. 

#1: You Won’t Get Away With Your Lies

Lying is a casual thing that a playboy practices on a daily basis; it’s like oxygen to human beings. Maybe other girls let you get away with your lies, but not this amazing girl. This smart girl will make your world a living hell if she found out you lied to her. And believe me she will, because you are not as smart as you think you are. Frankly, you are quite the opposite Mr. Smarty Pants.

#2: Your Excuses are so ‘Mahrousha’

I’m sorry if other girls believed you when you said ‘She is just a friend, almost like a sister to me’, because any smart girl would know that you don’t casually check ‘your sister’ out.

#3: She Knows You Quite Well

Being a socially smart girl gives her the opportunity to understand your personality quite well. She understands when you are lying, when you are being fake and when you are about to do something stupid. She won’t even give you enough room to do any of your typical playboy stuff.

#4: You Can’t Make Her Feel Insecure

This girl is so smart and knows her own worth. Maybe she took a risk and saw the good side of you, maybe she was stupid enough to believe that you’ll change, but she is not stupid enough to feel insecure because of you.

#5: She’ll Know It If You Are Not Serious

Unfortunately many guys get to make girls date them just by  saying the right words. Words like ‘I will always be here for you’ and ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with you’. But a smart girl knows that actions are louder than words and that if your actions go south and your words go north, then definitely you are not a keeper.

#6: She Won’t Accept Anything Less Than What She Deserves

Again, she knows her worth and won’t settle for anything less than what she deserves just in the name of ‘love’. She knows that in adult relationships, there are many things to consider other than ‘love’, like maturity or being real for that matter.

#7: You won’t Fool Her Into Doing Something She Doesn’t Want to Do

Hey baby, we will get married soon so ‘Matfokeeha shwaya.’ Well, she ain’t that type of girl to get fooled by your false promises. If you want to keep her, respect her boundaries.