Snapchat’s most prevalent feature is “Our Story,” which picks live worldwide events —  including concerts, music festivals and award shows,  as well as live footage from some of the world’s most famous cities in an attempt to bring the globe together and keep the application all the more entertaining.

Today, Snapchat’s taking on our very own capital, Cairo!


Snapchat announced the awesome news yesterday by adding an extra Arabic text filter to all Cairene Snapchat users that’s roughly translated to: “Stay tuned, tomorrow, Snapchat is going to cover Cairo live.” Snapchat has posted live from dozens of cities including Miami, Rio De Janeiro, LA, Cape Town, Dubai, New York and Toronto.

I’m mostly predicting a few shots of deadly traffic, because we need international intervention to end this madness, as well as some picturesque at some of our most iconic landmarks and signature venues, including the pyramids, Tahrir Square and Cairo Tower.

Some of our signature dishes, the likes of Koshari and Fool, may also get their 15 minutes (or rather seconds) of fame. I can also see a couple snaps taken a felluca sailing through the Nile and on the corniche.

Basically, Snapchat uses location-based controls that allow snaps from the part of the world they choose to cover on a given day to be posted- the inner of workings of that, however, remain quite a mystery to the rest of us. When you’re within the location specified, you get access to certain filters, for example, to use that aren’t available anywhere else. Snapchat’s team goes through all the snaps submitted within the specified geographical area in order to filter out any inappropriate content or spam.

So brace yourselves, Cairenes, and  get your creative juices flowing. No meaningless selfies today — show off your home city to your best ability!