Everyone is guilty of posting these annoying snaps (myself included) and it gets on everyone’s nerves. Perhaps, it’s time for us to do some self reflection and change a few things:

  • Those who post boring selfie videos doing nothing

We all have this one girl who’s so self-obsessed but also trying to come off as emotional and in tune with her deep side. She posts videos with a poker face; one in two chances she will have a song by the Weeknd playing in the background.


  • Those who post drunk selfie videos/pictures at the club

Your face looks faded as hell; it’s not attractive. You look plain stupid dancing on your own with your drink in your hand and a lollipop in your mouth. Grow up.



  • Those who post 100 seconds of blank screens with music playing/of them singing

Wow, thanks for that. I didn’t realize I added DJ Snapchat.



  • Videos of your feet walking

Wow, you have nice trousers and shoes. Wow, you can walk. Wow, you’re not disabled. Please sign my forehead. If you’re trying to be edge and stand out, stop. Just stop. There goes another 10 seconds of my life that I’m never gonna get back.



  • 1 word: SCREENSHOT!

I dare you to do that again. I double dare you.



  • People who send you a direct snap but also put it on their story

Thank you for making me feel special for 10 seconds then stabbing me right in the back.



  • People who post 500 videos/pictures of them doing the exact same thing over and over

The most popular being those who post 500 pictures doing the exact same pose before going out and people who post selfie videos of them jamming to music in the car. It’s cool if it’s one or two, but by the 5th video, I just wanna throw my phone across the room honestly.



  • People who ask their friends to take videos or pictures of them on their own snapchat and put it on their story

Like NO. This is what Instagram is for.



  • Those who post highlighted quotes from the book they’re reading/scenes from the movie or show they’re watching

I barely have time to read my e-mails or texts, let alone read a quote that makes no sense in minuscule letters. The most annoying ones are those who post a scene from the episode of the show you’re watching, like spoiler much?