By:Amira ElSayed

Snapchat’s newest version update was just released this February and it’s not sinking very well with the public. It seems to have changed around most of its most common features, and rumour has it that the company made the changes to make more money?

What happened to Snapchat?

Earlier this week, Snapchat released a video explaining how and why it changed, and trying to convince its users as to why it’s for the better.

First off, they wanted to make Snapchat more personal. Since at first our stories were mixed with the public and published media articles, the Snapchat team felt as though they were mixing our close friends with the news.

They made it easier to comment or reply to someone else’s stories or at least be able to view more people’s stories instead of being closed off and only Snapchatting the same couple of people everyday.

“Our friends are not social, they are relationships”

That’s the message Snapchat was trying to send out to people. But apparently people are not really liking it. They are asking Snapchat to reverse the update and go back to the way it was before.

Is Snapchat doing it for the money?

Yes, that’s true. The media, influencers and publishers all thought they weren’t getting enough recognition from being placed with other people’s stories so they wanted a page dedicated to them. Therefore, paying Snapchat more money for displaying their content.

So for the people who still haven’t updated their Snapchat and like it how it is, consider yourselves very lucky. And as for the rest of us let’s hope Snapchat at least releases another update to make this easier on us all.