Getting Over Visa Rejection

For a generation that’s self-admittedly used to harsh reality, we don’t want to admit it but there’s only one thing that can truly rock our worlds. At times, the thought of it ever happening is just too morbid to handle so we shelve it aside. Even when it’s a looming possibility.

That is, of course, the possibility of getting your visa rejected. No one wants to think that their traveling dreams may be over before they begin.

And yet, visa rejections do happen. And, naturally, we’ll have to know how to deal with them because that’s just the way life goes.

Never forget that it’s not the end of the world

When you get rejected, in whichever field of life, you’re likely to fall into the small trap of thinking that this is the most horrifying thing that has ever happened.

But, if we’re being honest here, getting rejected really isn’t the end of the world. If anything, this rejection could be a sign. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be, this time.

Remember it’s probably them, not you

If you dwell on this visa rejection, which you probably will for a few days, you’re going to start dissecting everything you’ve ever done up until you submitted your papers just to see where you went wrong.

But here’s a little secret. You didn’t go wrong anywhere. When it comes to processes like these, it’s all simply a matter of luck. It’s literally got nothing to do with you, if you played your part well.

Keep in mind that maybe life has more for you in store

As un-fantastic as this sounds, it’s a big possibility travelling to that particular country wasn’t in the cards for you because something else was. Maybe you were meant to find your calling elsewhere and this is just the push you needed to start finding it.

All we know is, you need to deal with this situation with uttermost positivity and good vibes.

Throw yourself into new projects and hobbies

Before the final rejection, you probably spent a considerable amount of time working on your visa application, gathering the required paperwork and spending the rest of your time dreaming about what you’d do when you’ve finally traveled.

Now, though, this part is over and you have a lot of free time on your hands. And because you’ve got a lot of free time, you should use it to dive into new hobbies and projects to take your mind off things.

Venting is not pitiful

We know that a lot of times when the going gets tough, we all have the urge to bottle up our emotions and shelve them away because it’s better to be admired for that strength than to be pitied.

Here’s the thing, though. You’re human and humans can be affected by sadness and anger when they don’t get something they worked really hard for. It’s okay to allow yourself to vent and release all that you’ve kept bottled up. No one’s going to look down on you for that.

Remember you can always try again

So, you’ve followed all the tips and you’re feeling almost good about yourself. Key-word here is almost because, well, you really wanted to travel and explore but now you’ll just have to resign yourself with never leaving the country. Right?

Wrong. Just because your visa got rejected once doesn’t mean it’s going to be rejected again. In fact, things may actually go well and you’ll get your chance to explore that second or third time rather than on the first try.

One day, you will get to fly, we promise.